I always wanted to make six packs and big arms. Following my want, I go to the gym regularly. Walking with headphone and loud music is always fun.  As always, I was thinking while walking. I see everyone in my environment and try to make positive conclusions from the events. That day, I was thinking that some day I will have a big and attractive body, which everyone will praise and admire.

As I was walking, I saw a woman who was trying to carry two buckets of water simultaneously . She was struggling very hard to carry that bucket. I saw her, but I could not feel her as I was enthusiastically heading towards the gym. My heart wanted to help her but I could not. There were many people so, I felt awkward. After a while, I realized that what’s use of the strength which cannot help the one who needs. I should have halt myself and should have helped her which was pretty easy to get praised and admired.

So, I concluded that we should not skip the real pictures chasing  the bigger pictures. My small help could make her happy which I missed. Being physically powerful is no use if you are mentally and emotionally weak. The original strength is the strength which can drive you to help others in need.