Getting an admission in a gym is an easy task, but continuing it everyday gets hard as you lack motivation and requires great energy. Building a body is not one day task, it requires great enthusiasm and passion. We often get demotivated and try to make lame excuses and skip going to the gym.

So, following are some tips to motivate yourself to continue going to gym.

a. Find yourself a good company:

Working-out becomes effective if we have a partner by your side who can support you when needed. If you are new to the gym, check the timing and make a partner whose body physique is same as yours. With partner, time flies, leaving no room for the second thought that you need to work hard.

b. Keep track of your daily progress:

Keeping track show your progress which motivates you. Simply, keep note of set and reps that you are hitting everyday. This also helps to increase your sets and reps day by day.

c. Mind make-up:

FIT OR FAT, choice all yours. Your body doesn’t transform suddenly when you wake up. You should be clear that bodybuilding is an art which should be followed properly to achieve its results. When I have some other tasks besides gym,then I think that only 4 % of my time is spent on the gym which always motivates me.

d. Try to communicate with everyone:

Try to make as many friends as you can. This creates a friendly environment for sharing knowledge among each other. Interaction becomes fun and place becomes attractive.

e. Keep your energy high: 

Keep your energy at the peak, which can give you a kick to workout. If you are hungry before going to the gym,then the schedule is all ruined as you are weak. So, balance your diet properly.

f. Set target and increase your reps and weight:

Set your target everyday and try to achieve it. Use friends support when necessary.

g. Buy nice gym gear:

Buy nice and precious gym gear, seeing which you want to show-off in the gym. Seeing this gear unused, you feel like to hit the gym then and their.

h. Listen to motivational songs:

Create a playlist which motivates you. When you hear the song, it should make you feel like ripping this world in halves.

i .Follow my blog regularly:

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