Jumping jack is one of the basic exercise which is performed by jumping simultaneously with legs spreading wide and touching hand overhead from stand it is position.

Also Known As:

  • Star jump (UK)
  • Side- Straddle hop (USA military)

Origin of name:

It has been originated from jumping jack children’s toy which has similar arm swing and leg splay motions when the strings are tugged.


Performing a jumping jack:

  1. Stand up stand and free your hand.
  2. Jump and spread your leg and extend your arms overhead and clap.
  3. Land in same position as step 1.
  4. Repeat it.

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Warm-up: As it is calisthenics exercise, it elevates your heart rate and enhances the oxygen level into your bloodstream and then directly to muscles. It is used in interval training exercise. Even in recovery period, your heart rate stays elevated.

Stamina Improvement: Execution of this exercise promotes high-level fat burning and boosts your stamina.

Relaxation: Doing this in extended period, releases endorphins which acts as a pain reliever.

Improves focus: Proper and deep breathing techniques while exercising, clears your mind and improves your focusing power.