DWIT hiking and adventure club had organized a rafting event on May 7, 2017 in bhotekoshi river. Interested student had to give their name to participate. I was interested too, but I had a fear as it was risky. So, I decided not to participate. After a few days, the first list was published, many of them were from my batch. Seeing that I also wanted to participate, but the list was tight. But fortunately, one guy cancelled his name from the list due to some condition and I got a chance to feel this thrill – Rafting in bhotekoshi.

At the end of the day when the trip ended and boat rested near the bay, my fear turned into courage. I learned that one and only way to overcome the fear is by facing it.


Fast and fascinating flow of river,

Risky will it, I asked myself in a mirror.

It replied ‘There is one and only one way to get clearer’

Nothing to lose, throw your shoes and fade your soul

Into a fresh air,

Nothing to care, jump then and there,

Into a cold water.

Deep yourself down, push back-up, and repeat it thrice,

Sour was your life, you have added it a spice.

Think of it some night, thing you did was right,

You have overcome the fright.

Only way to get clearer,

Bring it near